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A Prospective Franchise Application must be completed by each prospective owner of a WAVE franchise. Please allow approximately 2 to 3 weeks time for us to review and process your Application.

Understand that under no circumstances does the submission of your Application to WAVE GLOBAL., subsequent review and processing in any manner indicate the intention of WAVE GLOBAL to approve you as a WAVE franchise. The Applicant shall not be deemed to be accepted and approved by WAVE GLOBAL unless and until the Franchise Agreement is signed.

No employee or agent or partner of WAVE GLOBAL has the authority to waive or otherwise deviate from the foregoing procedures, and should any deviation from the Application procedure occur, the waiver of deviation from the Application procedure shall not be binding upon WAVE GLOBAL.

Further, the Wave Global can reject application form of any prospective applicant without assigning any reason. No query in the regard will be entertained.

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