WAVE Education

Mission & Vision


We continue to keep up our commitment to the youths of our nation and assure them that “TEAM WAVE” is with them in their thick and thin while they commence their journey towards realization of their dreams. We will continue to burn midnight oil till our youths learn to dream, endure hardships, remain unshaken when the odds are heavy, make stronger resolutions when they fail or falter, develop poise to discriminate, accept challenges, believe in service before self, be respectful and compassionate as the need may be, be more humble after every success and finally exhibit confidence that they would do their best to restore the lost glory of our rich cultural heritage.


Our vision is to conquer the hearts of parents and students in every nook and corner of the country through quality and commitment and evolve to a stage where WAVE becomes a name to reckon with and our system is recognized as synonymous to quality, excellence and success and where “TEAM WAVE” is looked upon with reverence and awe.

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