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Why Wave?

Every child having tremendous potential must be provided a conducive environment for growth. This can be largely ensured by securing the intrinsic and extrinsic factors of motivation.

When you are convinced that your ward needs professional support you are generally not very clear about the coaching centre that he/she should join and waste a lot of your valuable time in search of a suitable coaching institute in your vicinity.

Indeed it is not easy to come to a conclusion. We help you in your decision making when we let you know that WAVE does not have many parallels in terms of quality, system and commitment. The reasons why WAVE must be your only choice are highlighted with clarity.



Scholarship Cum Admission Test
Time Tested Methodology:

Various methodologies adopted by WAVE are time tested and made to improve the performance of each student.

Topic-wise Assessment:

WAVE conducts tests after completion of each topic to ensure that every student has assimilated what he/she received. In case a students lags behind for some reason or the other he/she can take remedial classes.

Assessment Through Tests:

We conduct various tests namely weekly, fortnightly, monthly and WAVE All India Tests series. The weekly & fortnightly tests are meant to check their progress along with the coverage of syllabus. The monthly tests are conducted to check their preparation for various competitive examinations. AITS is conducted for all students across the country including those enrolled in DLP. It provides an opportunity to students to be assessed with thousands of students to know their ranking.

Performance Evaluation:

Performance of each student is evaluated and documented regularly. A separate report card is maintained for each student where shortcomings and strengths are also recorded. The students are accordingly counseled to help them improve their performance.

Classroom Feedback Mechanism:

This is an important mechanism where students are at liberty to offer their candid comments about the system and quality of teaching and also on issues that might adversely affect them. We receive each feedback and after careful analysis take prompt corrective measures. This is an ongoing process and helps us keep evolving with time.

Doubt Removing Sessions:

During routine lectures it sometimes may happen that a few students are left with some doubts. If the doubts are not cleared during the lectures, students are encouraged to take individual doubt sessions with the concerned teachers. The idea behind organizing doubt sessions is to ensure that each student makes similar progress as far as possible.

Quality of Training:

Quality of training largely depends on experience & expertise of faculties and quality of study material apart from other equally important factors such as commitment, system, approach etc. We have a team of very effective faculty members. Acting not only as tutors and knowledge providers, our faculty members who are well qualified and competent in their respective subjects continuously guide and motivate the students. A team of full time faculty members is present all the time for addressing to the doubts and problems faced by students. Each faculty is a specialist in his/her subject, possesses vast subject knowledge and is a real asset to the organisation.

Students are provided specially designed and thoroughly researched study material which not only contains detailed theory on each topic but also aims at developing problem solving approach. The study material is sufficient and self explanatory to cater to the needs of the students aspiring for various competitive exams such as NEET(UG), AIIMS, JEE(Mains and Advanced), NTSE and Olympiads. The study material also includes question bank, previous years question & their solutions.

Lecture Plan:

The Lectures are well structured and planned in advance. The progress of the curriculum is according to the academic calendar prepared after thorough research and brain-storming. There is, therefore, no element of adhocism.

Transport and Confidence:

Parent’s trust and confidence in our quality of training and system is very important. To ensure this PTMs are held at regular intervals and all relevant issues related to the students are discussed and resolved. Progress of each student is recorded and handed over to parents. They are also informed about the level of sincerity, concentration, dutifulness and involvement of their wards in the class. Those who miss the PTM are requested to visit the centre at their convenience and individually meet the concerned faculty. Before meeting the concerned staff parents are requested to put forth their concerns through parents questionnaire which are analysed at appropriate level before solution is provided.


The entire system at WAVE is transparent with open-door policy. Each activity at WAVE is carried out keeping the progress of every child in consideration and is verifiable. All the class-rooms are equipped with CCTV where teaching in progress can be observed not only by the authorities at WAVE but also by parents. Parents are kept informed if their wards are absent from class or scheduled tests.

Safety & Security:

Safety and security of each students is a major concern. It is ensured that no student goes out of the centre when classes are on. They are persuaded to report to the centre and leave only when the last period is over. Those who opt for transport are provided transport facility at nominal charges. Drivers are sensitized to drive with extra caution when students are on board. Accommodation is available for outstation students.


Basic comfort provided at the centres includes temperature controlled premises, comfortable seating arrangement, hygienic drinking water, Neat and Clean Washroom for boys & girls and a space where they can have their meals. Finding the atmosphere friendly and conducive many students prefer to utilize their time at the centres even on days which are out of their schedule.

Synchronised Approach:

WAVE pedagogy on preparation for medical and engineering entrance examination covers a wide range of syllabus covering the patterns of various boards and medical as well as engineering entrance examinations. This makes our students well prepared to appear for their boards as well as medical and engineering examinations.

Bond Between Teachers and Taught :

Teaching and Non-teaching staff at WAVE are carefully groomed to deal with every student with tact and sensitivity. After a few interactions they develop a healthy bond among themselves. In an environment where students enjoy fair amount of liberty and freedom the process of teaching and learning becomes very smooth. Needless to emphasize that the best results can be achieved in a stress free atmosphere.


Preparation for competitive examinations like NEET(UG), AIIMS, JEE(Mains and Advanced), NTSE and Olympiads demands planning, focus, systematic approach and untiring effort. It is equal to a long distance marathon that requires years of preparation. By conducting regular tests, providing assignments and monitoring their progress it is emphasized that perseverance is essential for success.

Self Confidence:

Students aspiring to face competitive examinations must develop self confidence. This can be acquired by personal effort and initiative. The library facility at the centre encourages students to do self study under the guidance of the expert teachers. Students are also encouraged to do self study at home to enhance their self confidence.


Students! Rest assured that you are the central pillar on which the splendid structure of the future of our nation will rest. Parents and teachers will remain subsidiary pillars playing their supporting roles. You need to treat yourselves with honour and do you job with responsibility, always owing your allegiance to your parents and teachers. You need to bear the following in your mind :-


All parents pin high hopes on their wards. It is, therefore, important that they actively participate in the process of grooming of their wards and provide all possible support that strengthens their will to perform. Parents are expected to be aware of their responsibility and discharge their duties accordingly.

"Look at your child with pride for he/she is going to be a dignified citizen of our country and contribute substantially to its progress".

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